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Four Tips for Maintaining a Professional Tone in a Casual Workplace

By Lee Hecht Harrison on June 29, 2015

The new generation of workers is drawn to a workplace that reflects their own culture and values. As a result, a more casual, transparent workplace is becoming commonplace, requiring companies to loosen their ties and rethink the traditional corporate environment. Here are four tips for managing employees in a casual environment that will help you walk the fine line between stodgy and unprofessional.

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Develop Your Talent

Dig Deep to Stay On Top of Your Career Game

By Tara Veysey on June 11, 2015

When the weather, equipment, opponent, crowds and their own physical condition seem be working against them, top athletes find the way to dig deep, overcome the adversity of the moment and win the match. Here are five traits athletes demonstrate that you can employ to help you dig deep and win in your career.

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Survey Reveals Leadership Development a Top Priority in 2015

By Lee Hecht Harrison on April 24, 2015

Lee Hecht Harrison’s recent talent management survey of nearly 400 HR, talent and line leaders from 20 industries, reports that leadership development is the highest talent management priority in 2015 for 88% of respondents with 54% indicating they will be increasing their investment in leadership development this year.

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