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Overcoming the “Degree Required” Hurdle

By Greg Simpson on March 28, 2014

With so much talent competing for open roles, organizations have been able to elevate their selection criteria, often requiring college diplomas for jobs that previously were filled by high school graduates. Job seekers with a degree have to address the changing standards by focusing attention on their track record. Here are a few strategies that can help.

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Developing Your Career

Don’t Let a Lack of Core Skills Limit Your Opportunities

By Kristen Leverone on October 24, 2013

As U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan puts it, “Adults who have trouble reading, doing math, solving problems and using technology will find the doors of the 21st century workforce closed to them.” Are you lacking core skills needed to compete in today’s workforce? Check out these resources to help you boost core skills and compete more effectively.

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Developing Your Career

Is a portfolio career the answer? Six questions will help you decide.

By Lee Hecht Harrison on October 2, 2013

The contingent workforce is on the rise. In an effort to develop a flexible workforce that can quickly expand or contract with market demands, organizations are turning increasingly to contract or short-term employees to fill the gaps. USA Today reports the number of temps increased more than 50% in the last four years to nearly 2.7 million. It’s a movement that’s taken hold – and is expected to continue.

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