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Leadership Begins with Decency

By Steve Harrison on July 29, 2013

Leaders who consistently model behavior that’s considerate, respectful and ethical aren’t looking for a short-term quick fix. Rather, they’re focused on the long-term benefits of a culture based on decency: higher levels of performance, increased retention rates, sustainable employee engagement and enhanced teamwork

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Are “Broken Windows” Threatening Your Organization?

By Steve Harrison on May 15, 2013

Tolerating an organizational environment of carelessness, disarray or disorder suggests a lack of social control and will make it more acceptable for employees to cut corners on compliance issues, use office resources for personal business, treat colleagues and customers poorly, abuse trust, etc. And once the social fabric of the organization has begun to unravel, it can – just like the urban neighborhood – quickly fall apart. To maintain a culture of ethics, be mindful of the details.

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For Every Action There is a Reaction

By Steve Harrison on May 8, 2013

Treating employees with respect positively impacts motivation and loyalty, and has a reinforcing “butterfly” effect that permeates the culture. One considerate action can produce a small positive change in one place that can show up somewhere else.

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