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Survey Reveals Leadership Development a Top Priority in 2015

By Lee Hecht Harrison on April 24, 2015

Lee Hecht Harrison’s recent talent management survey of nearly 400 HR, talent and line leaders from 20 industries, reports that leadership development is the highest talent management priority in 2015 for 88% of respondents with 54% indicating they will be increasing their investment in leadership development this year.

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Problem-Solver or Complainer? Three Ways to Know When It’s Time to Ask for Help

By Lee Hecht Harrison on March 24, 2015

Managers want problem solvers on their team, not complainers. But sometimes conflicts with co-workers are not easily resolved, obstructing organizational productivity, innovation and collaboration. While conflict in the workplace is common, addressing it can be very uncomfortable. Ask yourself these questions before approaching your supervisor to know if you’ve done all you can to resolve the issue.

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Four Expert Tips to Boost Self-Confidence

By Lee Hecht Harrison on March 19, 2015

Women’s competence, experience and education have never been stronger; still, they lag far behind men in achieving top corporate positions. Research shows, however, that women have a tendency to downplay their accomplishments and are less likely to ask for the promotion they’ve earned. A perceived lack of confidence could be the factor holding them back. Start taking these four steps to build confidence now.

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What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

By Lee Hecht Harrison on March 3, 2015

To institute a successful mentor program, organizations must identify mentors who model the right behaviors and are committed to devoting the time necessary to develop a meaningful and constructive relationship with their mentee. Here are three of the top qualities of an effective business mentor.

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