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Survey Reveals Leadership Development a Top Priority in 2015

By Lee Hecht Harrison on April 24, 2015

Lee Hecht Harrison’s recent talent management survey of nearly 400 HR, talent and line leaders from 20 industries, reports that leadership development is the highest talent management priority in 2015 for 88% of respondents with 54% indicating they will be increasing their investment in leadership development this year. The need for greater focus on developing leaders has never been more urgent. A recent Gallup study indicates that when it comes to selecting managerial candidates, organizations fail to choose candidates with the right talent for the job 82% of the time and that great managers are rare because only one in 10 people possess the natural talent to manage.

Companies need to get more from their leadership development programs. A successful program takes a learning-in-action approach that combines a pre-program leadership assessment with intensive classroom instruction. Blended learning methodologies should be put into place to equip leaders with the capabilities to lead high-performing teams through collaboration, drive strategy through innovation, deliver results through effective  communication and goal setting, and sustain their own development and that of others through continuous learning and expert coaching. Classroom learning should be applied in business challenge teams and peer learning groups. Program success can then be measured on several levels to ensure that leaders are better prepared to respond quickly to complex challenges and rapid changes.

This approach helps leaders create a vision of the future and a powerful plan for achieving it. Leaders develop the competencies, behaviors and attitudes that have immediate real-world application. The organization builds a robust leadership bench and makes continuous learning a defining feature of  the company’s culture. Aligned with your organization’s belief that success is driven by nurturing leadership talent, it helps you achieve your leadership strategy and deliver the leadership results you expect.


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