Developing Your Talent

Develop Your Talent

Today’s Three Most In-Demand Leadership Skills

By Lee Hecht Harrison on April 14, 2015

Do you aspire to a leadership role? If so, you’ll want to ask yourself if you are demonstrating the leadership skills and behaviors that are in demand and gaining the attention of senior leaders. LHH’s recent talent management survey of almost 400 decision makers identified the top three leadership competencies organizations will be seeking in 2015:  Results Management (59%), Strategic Thinking and Team Leadership (which tied at 58%).

If you know you need to improve your level of proficiency in these highly desired leadership areas, here is some advice to get you started:

  1. Results Management: This management strategy focuses on the performance of all team members to realize specific outcomes. Senior leaders evaluate results management in managers through evidence of their organization of projects and follow-through on deadlines, the willingness of the manager to accept change and adjust priorities, and the ability to communicate goals and timelines to team members.
  2. Strategic Thinking: An effective leader must be a business visionary who can also identify concrete solutions to challenges that could thwart efforts to achieve goals. Importantly, strategic thinkers assess the viability of their ideas by welcoming feedback and soliciting input that challenges their hypotheses. Organizations value nonjudgmental strategists who have a thirst for knowledge, are unafraid to consider unconventional ideas, and who can develop benchmarks, implement timelines, and proactively anticipate potential hazards.
  3. Team Leadership: As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse, today’s team leaders must be able to communicate effectively across geographies and cultures, while providing focus, direction and coaching. Organizations seek out team leaders who are empathetic, can mediate interpersonal conflict and who establish authority by investing in the development of their subordinates. Only by taking the time to coach team members can leaders delegate the responsibilities that empower and engage.

Leaders at all levels can accelerate their development through training, coaching, action learning and mentoring. Where will you be focused in 2015? Download our latest article for the list of top ten competencies organizations plan to focus on when developing leaders in the year ahead.

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