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Now What? Coming to Terms with Workplace Change

By Kristen Leverone on July 15, 2014

Organizations are constantly undergoing transformation.  Dealing with change in the workplace is often challenging, with uncertainty often leading people to adopt inflexible attitudes that are detrimental to individual and organizational performance.  Companies want versatile, resilient employees who are willing to venture into the unknown and effectively deal with the stress inherent in change. When faced with changes in the workplace, equip yourself with information and skills that will help you move forward as a team player:

  • Why change is happening?  Changes are driven by strategic necessity.  Organizations are continually evolving and must make business changes—consolidating departments, merging with or acquiring other companies, adopting new processes or technologies—to remain competitive in the market.  Once you understand the business rationale, it’s much easier to be objective and open to the changes being implemented.
  • How will I fit in?  If changes will be impacting your role, talk with your manager so that clear expectations are set.  Determine what new competencies might be needed to meet performance goals and put a plan in place to align your skills.
  • How can I weather ambiguity? Avoid “gripe sessions” with naysayers who are locked into a mantra of resistance.  Change presents opportunity.  Seek reliable information and stay focused by surrounding yourself with positivity and seek out chances to contribute.

As philosopher and author Alan Watts explains, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

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