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Create Your Own Career Video with LHH Resu-ME

By James Greenway on June 3, 2014

We all know that recruiters are using LinkedIn to find job candidates. But with 250 million LinkedIn profiles out there, how will they find you? Talk about having to stand out in a crowd! The answer to capturing attention is to take the initiative and find a different way of presenting yourself. With LHH Resu-ME, a creative new online tool, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a personalized career video.

Your first step is to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date. Confirm key information such as current and previous employers, skills, education, awards and recommendations. Then visit the intuitive Resu-ME portal at, where six clicks will deliver a personalized multi-media video and infographic. Your video will include a voice-over providing your key information accompanied by visuals you select from image banks relating to your function, sector, geography and activities. A host of editing options allow you to add your own custom data and images.

Once your Resu-Me video is completed, you’ll receive a unique URL, making it easy to share with your network and upload to your LinkedIn profile, where recruiters can access it.

Resu-Me tells your career story through arresting audio and visuals that compel attention. Optimizing your profile, it showcases your talents and increases your networking impact and reach. You’ll be better positioned than ever to stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility with those you most want to reach.

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