Developing Your Career


Embrace the Knowledge Economy and Leverage Your Intellectual Capital

By Kristen Leverone on May 16, 2014

Almost everyday an expert somewhere is talking about the importance of embracing the knowledge economy. But what does that mean for the individual employee? How do you leverage your intellectual capital to ensure the long-term success of your career and organization?  The key is to take the initiative in developing your talents and your career. You need to prepare for whatever comes next actively and self-consciously.

First, consider the big picture. What are your career aspirations, what capabilities do you need to acquire to meet them and how well do they align with the strategic needs of your organization?  Conduct a clear-sighted, objective assessment. Do you have skill gaps? Fill them. Are your interests not aligned with your organization? Find one with which they are. Your career is unlikely to succeed otherwise.

Second, embrace continuous development. Inform your manager of your career goals and inquire about development opportunities. Show an open mindedness toward new roles and responsibilities, even if outside your comfort zone. Take responsibility for your own training whether through accredited academic institutions or simply on your own. A plethora of free online courses on important business-related subjects are just a Google search away.

Third, show confidence and maturity by adopting a positive can-do attitude. Don’t just call attention to problems; solve them. Don’t wait to be assigned responsibilities; volunteer for them, especially when they help build your capabilities and raise your profile. Trying new things and broadening your perspective will equip you to generate the ideas that no one else has thought of. Ultimately, showing originality is what leveraging intellectual capital is all about.

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