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Workforce Trends

Virtual Career Fairs: A High-Impact Medium for Job Seekers

By Greg Simpson on March 21, 2014

Virtual career fairs are quickly emerging as cost-effective, logistically advantageous alternatives to large physical events for connecting job seekers with hiring companies. Still, some job seekers are reluctant to take the plunge into the virtual environment, simply because they’re unfamiliar with the format and, therefore, hesitate to invest their valuable time and energy.

At LHH, we’ve built a sophisticated virtual environment that replicates a physical career fair, offering candidates a unique opportunity to connect directly with recruiters seeking talent for open positions. There are many advantages for the job seeker attending a virtual job fair over a physical event. Candidates sign up online, upload their resumes, browse the virtual booths, network, attend break-out sessions to become familiar with participating employers and gain introductions. Using live chat, voice or video, candidates speak directly with recruiters and company representatives, eschewing the long lines, travel time and parking issues associated with physical events. The convenience of a virtual event has made it a popular alternative for Fortune 500 firms, universities and regional workforce development offices.

Here’s what to expect at an LHH virtual career fair:

  • Attendees enter a lobby where they upload their resumes and survey a list of the participating companies.
  • Using navigational tools, attendees will move into an exhibition hall comprised of corporate booths with a directory mapping out the floor plan.
  • Attendees access on-demand employer interviews within the meeting hall that provide in-depth insights into the hiring nuances of the participating employers.
  • Individual booths manned virtually by live recruiters offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions, download company information, examine job openings and even interview with prospective employers.
  • Most virtual events also feature an auditorium or communication lounge where attendees can attend webcast presentations (often on search-related issues) and participate in networking discussions, message boards and roundtables.

Virtual career events are gaining in popularity and offer job seekers yet another route into targeted organizations, so embrace the technology.

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