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The ROI of Trust

By JC Heinen on March 11, 2013

Trust is an intangible asset that translates into tangible results. It’s part of a successful culture that motivates employees and fosters the collaboration needed to achieve common goals. Without trust, the ability to get things done breaks down, making it an uphill battle to accomplish any business objective.  A company simply cannot survive long-term when trust is in short supply.

Typical signs that trust is broken are often negativity, poor customer service, increased turnover, lack of innovation, diminished motivation, defensiveness and a lack of collaboration – all corrosive to creating a healthy, thriving business.  Once trust is broken there is doubt, commitment falters, confidence is diminished and anxiety grows – all signs that you have lost the hearts and minds of your workforce.

Successful leaders understand why trust is critical to developing relationships, increasing engagement and building a successful organization.  What are the characteristics and behaviors that earn trust?

  • Integrity – doing what’s right
  • Walking the talk and admitting mistakes
  • Authentic and open communication
  • Support and development of others
  • Respecting different points of view
  • Achieving results collaboratively

Building and maintaining trust takes time and effort, and it isn’t always easy.  But the impact on organizational success is significant.  Rebuilding broken trust is very difficult and expensive.   Is it time to talk about trust in your organization?

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  1. Hugo Vergara

    fully agree. Trust should be part of the culture in any company which is aiming to succeed, innovate , grow.


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