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6 Steps for Planning a Post-Retirement Career

By Helene Cavalli on January 3, 2013

Is retirement on the horizon for you? Are you thinking about what’s next? The concept of retirement is changing dramatically. Many individuals contemplating retirement are looking to extend their careers beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. But creating a rewarding post-retirement career requires careful assessment and planning. Consider these tips as you think about your options:

  1. Define retirement for you. Many people close to retirement are looking for something different in the next phase of their lives, with a new focus. Consider how you’d like to balance education, work and leisure.
  2. Reflect on your career. Examine what you’ve done in your career and what motivated you. Consider interests and past accomplishments that were most satisfying and rewarding.
  3. Envision the next phase. Are you considering new possibilities? Consider how you want to invest your time and energy. What do you want your day to look like? How do you want to balance your family, community, social and work life?
  4. Consider your options. After assessing what you want the next phase of your life to look like, what options are available to you? Are you interested in continuing your career, consulting, a career change, volunteering?
  5. Know what you need. Consider your financial situation, health, personal resilience and relationships as you contemplate changes.
  6. Develop a plan. Determine what you want to achieve and what steps you need to take to get there. Consider what changes you’ll need to make, the resources needed and strategies for overcoming any barriers.

Whatever path you decide to take after retirement requires an analysis of where you are, what keeps you motivated and enthused, what changes make most sense and where you’d like to be. With a good road map, you’ll be able to explore and chart a rewarding course for the next phase of your life.

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